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“The next time we go on holiday with friends, Epic Escapes will be coming along for the trip. The games from Epic Escapes are one of the only play-at-home experiences we’ve found that, when played correctly, can accurately and easily transport an escape room into your living room. If you’re looking for something to spice up your usual boardgame night, look no further.”

“A really well designed, high quality, at home product, with a clear story and flow. Brilliant for first time escape roomers as the puzzles were well structured and understandable.”

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“The components included for these experiences are an amazing quality and all reusable for future games too. Some of the paper components might get damaged, but these are available to be reprinted any number of times so you don’t need to worry about keeping everything pristine! Each game also comes with a set of clues to guide you if you get stuck and a solutions page for the host to read so help is always available!”

“What sets Epic Escapes apart from the other play at home games we have played, is that you’re provided with actual lockable boxes and padlocks (along with a couple of other things that I won’t spoil!) and therefore there is an added excitement for any enthusiast, and that is setting up the room itself, where all the padlocks have to be set to the correct codes and the puzzles aspects hidden in your room of choice!”

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Loved it!

Cannot recommend enough


Bought for a 14th birthday party. With the props I could set up a room which really felt like an escape room - the kids loved the real locks and the surprises. They managed the easy rated game with only 1 hint just in the time and immediately demanded I set up the medium one as an extra game for them at the party! As good as I hoped it would be!

Murderously challenging

Murderous scallywag - Puzzles were challenging for the 2 of us, but not impossible. Hardest bit was the order and location at the end… had us stumped and needing a clue!

Fun but confusing

Struggled a little to work out what the way into the game we played was and I felt like we needed to use the hints, especially at the start just to work out what was going on. Could maybe do with a bit more story/focus. That said, it was a fun puzzle and I did enjoy it.

Excellent pure escape

We played without a GM as there were only 4 of us. It was our first time of playing and we found it easy to follow whilst making us think hard about some of the solutions. Having told some friends about it they want to play and I’ll be their GM. 10/10.


We enjoyed playing this, was a nice activity to do as a couple, would certainly recommend!

Festive Fun!

A good range of puzzles, not too difficult but required a bit of lateral thinking and problem solving to piece it all together. Did this as a family group on Christmas Eve and everyone said how much fun it was - silly but satisfying!
We didn't use any of the hints and managed it within about 45 mins, and we all thought the elf names were particularly excellent!

Really Enjoyed It

It was the first time we'd tried Epic Escapes. Got together with a friend and spent an enjoyable evening working through the puzzles and definitely made full use of the clues. We got the right location and the right four numbers but didn't quite recognise how to work out the correct order but yet again the clues helped us through. Great fun and will be looking to do more virtual escapes.

Great game

We really enjoyed it, had to use hints, but finished in 54.43 mins. As a family we will be doing more. Great game

Escape room

Brilliant can’t wait for more complete in 38 mins

Enjoyable evening

Throughly enjoyed

Great Family Game

Really enjoyed playing this with the family over Christmas

Great Fun

We've only played one game so far - easy to set up with detailed instructions. Accessories are high quality and the whole set is good value for money.


Good, hard work but solved it in the end


Played this last night, absolutely brilliant. Had to use a hint which was very constructive and finished it in under an hour.

Great Puzzle

Really enjoyed this puzzle, worked as a family to solve it. Well worth it!

Staff do

We recently used these for a staff do inside the office and were very impressed with how well timed they are set up and how smooth they work.

Too easy

my 2 15 year olds finished this in 14 minutes was just too simple

Elf on the Stealth

Fantastic escape room puzzle. Played this with my 9 year old daughter and we had a great time working out the clues and hidden messages. Great fun in the build up to Christmas. Thank you x

Very enjoyable.

This game was a real teaser, with lots of puzzles to work out. I didn't manage to finish it in the hour but I thoroughly enjoyed it nevertheless. Would recommend to all.


My daughter and i love escape rooms and this didn't disappoint. We loved it!


I spent a couple of hours "previewing' it... Frustratingly brilliant!
I haven't unleashed this on my son yet - saving it for his birthday bash.

Kept me awake all night

Need something for nights at work and this was perfect. Love escape rooms and this was perfect.

Great game

Enjoyed playing this and solving how it all fit together. We were stuck with one part but the hints were really helpful and in a structured way. Ideal for a rainy day.

Tricky but fun

We had fun doing this escape room. It was something different but interesting. It did get a bit difficult at times but the clues are helpful in a cryptic sort of way. It was our first time doing something like this and we'd definitely do it again.